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Our Mission

Museum of Rescued Art (MORA) is a branch of Alexi Era Gallery and was established in an effort to rescue discarded and dispossessed art due to a variety of circumstances in which one may never truly know. Throughout history, a common thread for artists is the desire to have their story told, their works loved for years to come and to maintain a legacy. Unfortunately, those opportunities are often few and far between, however we would like to change that. 

Curious about those whose legacies might not have been well documented and those that have been forgotten, we at MORA are compelled to rescue these works of art, picking up their stories where they left off and sharing them with the community. Our main passion is rescuing and preserving art that is undervalued – not by price, but by appreciation.  

Artwork from MORA often hangs for viewing at Alexi Era Gallery in their various rotating exhibitions.  Please join us on this journey as we archive, research and share the works of those artworks/artists we have rescued.